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About Faithful Friends

Faithful Friends Pet Services is a locally owned and operated pet crematorium servicing the Lafayette and Baton Rouge areas. We dedicate ourselves to assuring that all clients have access to the appropriate tools to make the grieving process as easy as possible.  Each pet is cared for with the same care and compassion that we would expect for our own personal pets throughout the cremation process. 

Losing a pet is never easy, it is our goal to help each client have what they need to ease the pain of that loss.

Call or Text Catherine at 337-552-4400 with any questions regarding the services we offer. 

Hours and Availability

Our current business hours are 8am-7pm 7 days a week.  Due to the nature of our business however, we are not always available at the facility.  So because of this we ask that you call first to assure someone is available to serve you upon arrival.  

We work in conjunction with multiple veterinarians in both the greater Lafayette and Baton Rouge areas.  Participating clinics will handle the entire process from start to finish including payment, retrieval of pet from their facility as well a recieving the pet's ashes once everything as been completed.  

If your clinic is not one of the clinics using our service we can still provide the final care for your pet, just contact us directly to make the arrangements.  As a pet owner you have the right to choose who will be responsible for your pet's final care regardless of which service your veterinarian routeinely works with.  


Faithful Friends Pet Services

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