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For several reasons, the majority of pets are cremated today. First, in many urban communities, ordinances or space prohibit owners from burying their pets in the back yard. Now, cremation is an affordable and simple option that often did not exist in the past. Finally, with our society becoming so much more mobile, choosing cremation gives you the ability to take your pet's cremated remains with you if you move to another home. This trend of cremation becoming the preferred method of disposition also is common to the human funeral business, where trends predict more than 50% of all human deaths will involve cremation as soon as 2025. Thus, you are making the right choice by selecting a Funeral Home which specializes in pet cremations.
Cremation is the process whereby your pet's body is reduced to bone particles and ash through the application of intense heat (usually 1400-1800 degrees Fahrenheit). This part of the process can take between 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the size of your pet and if they are in a special pet casket or cremation container. Following a sufficient period of cool down, the bone particles and ash are retrieved from the cremation equipment and then processed into a fine, consistent granular quality. The fine granular matter is placed in the urn and returned to you for final memorialization.
Yes. Many vets in Lafayette and Baton Rouge work directly with us and will handle everything for you.  In the case that your routine veterinarian does not use our services, just contact us directly and we can arrange everything for you including complementary pick up/drop off directly to your veterinarian's office.
No. Often family members will wrap their pet in a favorite blanket or some other personal article of meaning to the pet or family members.
No. Most states do not regulate pet crematories. Thus, the quality of their facilities, services and staff can vary widely. What most pet owners don't realize is that the majority of pet cremation providers are not even located in their community.
Our current turn around time is approximately 72 hours from the time we recieve the pet's remains at our facility.  In special cases with schedule permitting we can expedite the process if needed.  Just call us directly to make arrangements.
We are available for emergency home pick up or drop off to our facility 24 hours a day. When calling for afterhours service please be sure to leave a voicemail, your call will be returned promptly.
We offer 2 types of cremations. For the clients who would prefer to have their pet's ashes returned to them we offer individual cremations where each pet is cremated individually so that the ashes may be returned to the owner.
 For those clients who don't desire to have their pet's remains returned to them we cremate them together and then disperse of the cremated remains respectfully on our property in Broussard, LA.  Clients are welcome to visit at any time to pay their respects.
We advise that you ask your Veterinarian, or the Cremation Provider directly if possible, three very important questions:

  • Where is the crematory located? As mentioned above, most families are shocked to learn that their pet is going to be transported several hundred miles away.
  • When will my pet be cremated and then be ready for pickup? Many are shocked to learn that their beloved pet is going to be held in a freezer at the Vet's facility for almost a week before they are picked up by the cremation provider. Then, it is going to be another week before their pet's cremated remains are ready for pickup.
  • When can I come & inspect it? You can learn a lot about the cremation provider by not only inspecting their facilities if possible, but even by how they respond to your request.
We use stainless steel ID tags to identify each pet that we recieve at our facility.  Upon arrival we will assign an ID number and place the tag directly on the pet so that he/she is identified at all times.  For pets that are euthanized at the veterinary office, the veterinary staff will place the ID tag before we pick up the remains.  This way the pet is identified from the very beginning.  The tag stays with the pet through out the entire process and is returned with the cremated remains to the owner.
Just as cremation has gained in popularity over the last 2 decades, the preference has changed here as well. Fifteen years ago, only about 1 in 4 pet families chose "individual cremation" - as most chose not to receive back their pet's cremated remains. Today, that ratio has flipped, as research indicates that today about 70% of all pet families choosing cremation want their pet's cremated remains back.
Please call us directly to discuss pricing.
All cremated remains are returned to the owner using our premium urn.  The remains are encased in a velvet pouch and the urn finished off with an engraved name plate.  We do offer urn upgrades that are available for purchase through this website.  


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